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How to Crush Debt and Find Freedom For Good!

The average American has $39,000 in consumer debt.  Student loans are a cancer invading our culture enslaving people from all generations.  Vultures crowd the market offering quick fixes that never work.  Wouldn’t you really like to GET debt free and STAY debt free?  This is how I did it and you can do it too.

3 Hacks I Use When Shopping Online

This week is a unique one!  I’m going to show you 3 tools I use to hack online shopping.  I’ve broken it up into 3 different short videos.  Because I’m giving a demonstration right from my own computer desktop these videos are probably best viewed on a computer screen in fullscreen mode.  So let’s get […]

This Year Set Financial Goals Not Resolutions

It’s that time of year again.  The time when everyone says to themselves “I’m going to do better this year!” and then by February 15th they’ve usually already given up.  The gyms are empty and resolutions have been lost in the mix of the busyness of life.  I’m here to tell you a secret… It […]