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Top 5 Illusions of Bankruptcy

In 2014 almost 1 million Americans filed for bankruptcy.  A large amount of them are likely to file again in the next 8-10 years.  Bankruptcy is a common topic I hear about from clients.  There is a lot of misconception about bankruptcy, what it provides, and if it’s a viable option or not.  Let’s clear […]

Freedom Is Sexy, So Get Your Debt Free On

In our culture today there is a common belief that has overtaken society in the span of 60 years or less.  You need debt to get by.  It’s impossible to stay completely out of debt long term.  But is this really true?  Let’s take an honest look at the issue because I believe debt free […]

4 Steps to Save Big Bucks on Your App Purchases

As of October 2014, 64% of all Americans now own a smartphone and that number is only rising.  With smartphone and tablet ownership comes the responsibility of knowing how to use them and the most dangerous aspect is how much money you can burn with irregular app purchase that beckon you to spend money with […]

Is Your Credit Score Deceiving You?

There may not be any question or statement I get more than “How do I build my credit score?” or “I did this to help build my score.”  It’s a HUGE issue in our culture and the hot topic everyone is talking about.  But how do you tackle this elusive beast?  In this post, I’ll […]

You’re Using Your Debit Card All Wrong

Do you know how to properly use your debit card?  I’ve found from experience that most people do not know the facts I’m going to share with you today and it’s putting you at risk!  After reading this, I hope you… Know exactly how to protect yourself and use your debit card wisely Know why you should use […]

How I Scored A Screaming Deal for Six Flags

My 5-year-old daughter has been saying this year “I want to ride a rollercoaster!”.  I think she may have discovered my love language!  Growing up, going to Six Flags was my family’s yearly summer vacation.  I have so many good memories from those times, so when my daughter started verbalizing my dream I had to […]