The Essentials of an Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is a great idea, but you may ask yourself: How do I get it? How much should it be? Where do I keep it? Wonder no more. This week we look at what an emergency fund is and how building one is possible.

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6 Tips For A Killer Grocery Strategy

We all have to eat, but we can eat for less. This week, I’m going to share six tips that will help you do just that. Also, be sure to download my free e-book, “The Money Finder,” which provides additional ways to save money at the grocery store and much more! Now, let’s check out the list.

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3 Questions You Must Ask Before You Subscribe To Anything

America has gone subscription crazy. Nowadays, you can pretty much subscribe to anything, but how do you know if a subscription is a good deal?

Whether Netflix or Amazon, razorblades or socks, you can subscribe to any and everything. It can be very easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all, signing up for services and memberships that you know will arrive on time and do what you want them to do. In return, these very things, with their modern conveniences, can begin to pile up. In fact, you may not even need them. I want to share with you today 3 questions you should ask to evaluate any subscriptions, and you can also apply these to things like season passes or other monthly memberships.

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8 Vehicle Costs You Should Be Planning For

If you are one of the 9% of people who own a car, you know they are not free to operate. However, just because you know that, doesn’t mean you plan for all the costs associated with owning a motor vehicle. In fact, you may be forgetting about those costs and then are suddenly forced to try and come up with the money.

To help combat this potentially budget busting area, I have developed a list of eight vehicle costs you need to plan for. Now, I hope you don’t have a car payment but, whether or not you do, let’s talk about some of those very costs you may be forgetting about.

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The Credit Score Demystified

The credit score.  How does thing work and how important is it?  You may know what it is, but do you know what it’s not?  This week I’m going to break down for you exactly how this sacred cow of finance works, how to understand it, and also challenge a few assumptions you might have about it’s importance.

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What Does Wealth Mean To You?

I want to ask you a question.  It’s a question most of us don’t think about and that some of us are afraid to answer.  What does wealth mean to you?  Seriously, think about it.  What comes to mind at first?  Flashy cars, mansions, and piles of cash?  Maybe, it’s something deeper?  I bet that if you let your mind actually focus on this question and get past your preconceived notions you’ll find that wealth has little to actually do with money.  This week I want to share 3 specific examples to show you exactly how wealthy you really are… Read more

One Easy Hack To Reduce Your Cell Phone Bill

What if I told you that you’ve been wasting money every single month on part of your cell phone bill?  This week I break down some technology basics to show you how you may have been duped into overpaying for service on your mobile devices.  This one small change can be an easy hack to reduce your cell phone bill today.

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The Best Time To Buy Plane Tickets

It seems there’s nothing more volatile than the stock market, right?  Well, maybe the only thing that is more volatile is plane ticket prices.  They just go up, down, and all over the place.  What I want to share with you this week is some research that I’ve read up on and used myself.  This tried and true method landed me two tickets this year from Connecticut… 1. Round trip with 2 free bags non-stop to Dallas for $188, and 2. Round trip with 2 free bags 1 stop to Nashville for $152.  This stuff works!  Here’s the simple 3 step process I use… Read more

How to Find Cream of the Crop Clothes For Bottom of the Barrel Prices

Shopping for clothes can really add up, and reselling items usually produces a terrible resale value.  This week my wife, Jennifer, and I share with you 5 solid tips that together provide a strategy to maximize your clothes shopping.  These tips will be especially helpful to you with these upcoming holiday sales.  I’m ready to dive in!  Are you?  Let’s do it!

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How To Save Big When Buying Tires

Tires are something that we don’t have to buy that often but when we do it can be several hundred dollars.  This week I’m going to show you my proven process for saving up to $200 or more every time you buy a set of 4 tires.  I personally have done this at least 5 times over the years.  Make sure to share this one with everyone you know who owns a car!  It affects everyone at some point.

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