3 Reasons You Need An Independent Mechanic You Can Trust

mechanicHave you ever gotten this phone call?  “Honey… the car is making this noise…”  Uh oh!  We need the car!  The kids have to get to their game, I have to get to work, and we already have tickets to that concert next week!  What do most people do in a moment like this?  They take it to the fastest and easiest place that can fix it and often without a second thought.  In this brief post, I want to share with you 3 reasons why you should a trusted independent mechanic in your pocket you can turn to in a moment’s notice.  In each of these reasons I’ll be referencing a true story of a repair we needed done.

Reason #1: The Upsell

On a recent trip to our nearby location of a national chain auto repair company, our family car was getting a routine alignment.  This is the only car that will fit both of our car seats so it’s hard to schedule work on it.  Now, we know that we will never get out of there without declining at least one repair upsell.  Sometimes the recommendations are complete malarkey, and other times they are valid.  So we use that feedback and get a second opinion.

During that recent visit, they diagnosed our tire rod and said it needed repair.  Cost: $522.15


Reason #2: The Legitimate Concern

Enter the local small box body shop.  We were there for an oil change with a coupon from a local publication.  By the way, never pay more than $27 to $30 for an oil change!  They almost never upsell us, but they too recommended we take care of the tire rod soon.  So, we knew this was something we should probably take seriously and get checked out soon.

P.S. During this time we were also hearing a cyclical metallic brushing sound and wondered if that might be the tire rod issue.

Cost: When asked in response to them bringing it up, they said “Oh… about $400 probably.”


Reason #3: Honesty Is The Best Policy

So after some brief planning we arranged with our trusted local independent mechanic to drop off the car for an inspection the day after they were returning from vacation.  Not only did they diagnose it quickly – more on that soon – but they were also able to fix it the same day!

Upon inspection they found the tire rod did indeed need servicing and replacement.  The Cost?….









This is just one example of the many times a good mom and pop type mechanic has done us right.  The moral of the story?  GET A SECOND OPINION.  Oh and that brushing metal sound?  Yeah, it was just a splash guard that had gotten bent up against the rotor, and somehow no one else caught that.  They bent it back into place for free.

So get a good mechanic you can trust!  Ask your friends and listen for their experiences and stories.  You won’t regret it!


Question: Do you have a story of how a trusted mechanic saved your rear?  Share it below and give that mechanic a shout out!

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