5 Apps To Become More Focused & Productive In 2016


Does your day look like the image above?  Not so productive, huh?  As an entrepreneur, I can identify with this struggle.  Whether you work for yourself or someone else the old adage “time is money” is extremely true.  Sometimes devastatingly so.  Today I’m going to focus on 5 app tools I use to keep myself growing exponentially and I know they can help you too!

1. Hours Time Tracking

As I said before, time is money.  The older you get the more true you realize this is.   Though I’m only 25 so what would I know?… *wink*.  This great tool helps you keep track of where you are spending time and how much so you can curtail distractions and focus your time where needed.  Check out this brief demo video.

Investment: FREE for a limited time.  Download here.


2. Pocket Informant and Fantastical

I can’t even begin to explain the phenomenal value these calendaring applications give to my life.  We have a saying in my household, “If it’s not in the calendar it doesn’t exist.”  As busy professionals it’s the only way we stay sane.  While both programs are available on both computer and mobile I prefer Pocket Informant on my phone for it’s comprehensive approach and Fantastical on Mac for it’s easy and fast event entry.  I seriously can’t live without these two apps.  Demos below.


Pocket Informant

See demo at this link.

Investment: $9.99 after 7 day trial (WORTH IT!).  Download here., $29.99 for Mac after 7 day trial.  Download here.



Investment: $49.99 for Mac after 21 day trial, $4.99 on iPhone with Apple Watch app, $9.99 for iPad.


3. Nozbe

While Pocket Informant offers a task list aspect it doesn’t come close to the power of Nozbe.  Based around the Get Things Done system Nozbe allows you to create tasks, assign them to projects, set an estimate amount of time needed, add a deadline, assign categories (like Phone or Computer), make them recur, share tasks with others and collaborate, and SOOOO much more.  Within 3 weeks of starting to use Nozbe I become 3x as productive.  Explanation below…

Nozbe is a life saver and time saver.  I can’t live without it.  I may write a whole blog post one day on this tool because it’s just that stinking good.  I’ll have to put that in my task list… *wink*.

Investment: $10/mth ($8/mth if paid yearly) after 30-day trial.  Sign up for a free account here.


4. Dropbox/Box/Google Drive

Pick your poison but you must have an “online locker” like all these provide.  They all have their pros and cons but I prefer Dropbox because it seamlessly integrates with my operating system, it’s super easy to use, easy to share things with others on the fly, and is the most popular and thus easiest to intregrate with other tools (like Nozbe).

Online storage is a great way to have your most frequently used and most important files on hand anywhere you go.

Investment: FREE with limits on storage space that vary.


Whatever you do, do something!  Growth is intentional and you can’t grow if you aren’t changing.  Make a change to your everyday process and reap the benefits to become more productive this new year!


Question: How do you stay productive?  Share your experience in the comments below?

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