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30 minutes and a computer or phone is all you need

During the consultation I will...

Review Your Overall Finances

Understand Your Situation

Give Honest Objective Feedback

Give 1 or 2 FREE Tips

Give You Options For Getting Started

There is no obligation whatsoever to work with me

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Corporate Wellness

Invest In Your Team!

Increase Productivity

Increase Morale

Reduce 401(k) Loans

Reduce Employee Turnover

Reduce Healthcare Costs

...and more!

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Personal Coaching

Coaching is designed with you in mind.  There’s no cookie-cutter solutions here!  I use time-proven principles in conjunction with your unique situation to craft a personalized plan of attack.  When working with me confidentiality is 100% air tight, and I do not sell any of your information.

When working together I follow a consistent step by step process that has worked for hundreds of people to help them Build a Budget, Become Debt Free, Save For the Future, and Find Financial Peace.  Through that process I help you…

Evaluate Financial Habits
Set Smart Goals
Establish Healthy Financial Principles
Build A Proactive Cash Flow Plan
Kill Debt
Save For Emergencies
Plan For Retirement
Save For College
…and more!

I do not sell any financial products, so you can have the peace of mind that I’m only telling you what is in your best interest!

Don’t take my word for it.  Check out the testimonials below from my past clients!

“We hired Jeremy so that we could find a common ground regarding our financial goals and so that we could learn how to communicate more positively about money.  Through the Monthly Coaching Program we were able to create a shared plan and establish a healthy routine for achieving financial wellness.  Having those calls set up, allowed for some much needed accountability to get us used to our new financial wellness habits.  We learned about a manageable system for budgeting and cash flow management that has allowed us to move from an ever-present feeling of “living from paycheck to paycheck” to actually feeling secure and satisfied within our means and on a forward-moving path.  Jeremy gave us a strong set of tools that we can now use to continue on our journey to achieving our financial goals.  Thank you, Jeremy!”

Aaron & Jordana F.

“Jeremy’s response and the work proposal was spot on for what we needed.  Through the coaching we received we were able to get our financial house in order, build a workable and credible budget and develop a plan to get out of debt.  I highly recommend Jeremy and the coaching he delivers.

Pat & Marjorie D.

“I’m very grateful to Jeremy for working with me to help get my personal finances in order.  The tactics and ways he taught how to manage my money are methods that I know I’ll be using for a lifetime to come.  Thank you, Jeremy.”


“I decided that was it.  We had one major credit card debt plus debt from our small business that we wanted gone.  We had just bought a house the past October and I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to afford it.  Jeremy helped us to get on a budget and by working through our situation item by item we were able to figure out exactly what we spend on each expense.  We were able to get on an awesome budget but that doesn’t mean I can’t spend money!  I love to shop for my kids but now I know how much I can spend each month.  The most important thing that we were able to do besides the budget is actually see how much money we have left over to pay towards our debt.  We are doubling our debt payment each month.  We paid off $1400 in our first two months with Jeremy!  I am serious when I tell you that working with him will change everything you do and how you spend money but in a great way… I really have no complaints about working with him at all.  We were ready to change our lives and he just guided us along.”

Kirt & Julie Swanson

“Jeremy’s service has been amazing.  In just a few months we not only learned how to make a budget but how to be consistent with it as well.  We have payed off two credit cards, and on our way to paying off a third one.  Now we are definitely making sense of how we invest our money and save for the future.”

Ivan & Ivelisse Tirado

“We really enjoyed working with Jeremy on our budget. In just two short months we were able to pay off our car early and completely pay off one credit card. Jeremy actually made the whole budget process really simple and helped us understand how to reach our financial goals.  Even if you already have a budget in place it’s a great opportunity to work with Jeremy to refine your budget and find where you can take additional spending and move those funds to future financial freedom and being debt free!”

Rich & Sue P.

“Moving can be so stressful!  But Jeremy and his financial coaching expertise brought great stability and peace to the process.  He held us accountable to wise financial activities you usually plan on but somehow never get around until it’s too late.  Important details can fall through the cracks of today’s busy pace so it really helped to have another set of eyes on the stuff that matters most!”

Jon & Jackie O

We thought we were good at this money thing as we have facilitated 13 financial classes. Jeremy’s coaching was personal coaching. He showed us how to look forward with a plan rather than just looking back at what we did. Looking forward and making a plan for spending (based on the reality of what we really spent over the last 18 months) is great peace of mind! So whatever stage of finances you are at, don’t hesitate to hire Jeremy. He is diplomatic and firm to help anyone get to the next level. Thank you, Jeremy!!”

Don & Joyce B.

“Ever since we worked with Jeremy we think about ever dollar we spend in a different way. He helped us to become conscious of how we spend our money and where we put it. His patience with our resistance to change did not go unnoticed. And I love getting tips on how to save more money. Best “advisor” we ever had. Thank you, Jeremy, for helping us get on the right track with our finances!”

Michael & Mari M.

“I met with Jeremy in early 2013. Not only did we discuss specific numbers but my thoughts behind the numbers. He gave me such helpful feedback and suggestions. I truly appreciate what Jeremy has done for me. He’s helped me to see how my behavior and thinking affect my money management.

Dawn B.

“Jeremy helped me gain focus on my personal finances and how I handle money. His lessons were clear and concise and delivered in a professional manner. He is always available for help and encouragement. If you are looking for guidance and support with your finances Jeremy is your guy!


Investing in a financial coach was one of the best decisions I have ever made. With Jeremy’s guidance, I have been able to finally get my financial house in order, take control of my money, and pay off debt. I am excited about my future again because I KNOW I will be financially stable! Thank you, Jeremy!”

Jessica J.

When we started working with Jeremy we were a bit skeptical because it was a lot of monthly to carve out of our monthly spending, my husband thought we didn’t have a debt/budget problem.  After just 2-3 sessions we saw how Jeremy’s advice and holding us accountable was having a positive impact on our finances and relationship.  We also suffered a job loss during this time, without the coaching we would be in much worse shape but with the knowledge we gained, we learned tools to help us work within our means.

Walter & Sara M.

“Jeremy gave us hope by showing us how to budget and that we could get out of debt.  We are going faster than expected and will be out of debt soon!!

Bill & Donna D.

“Jeremy gave us some good ideas for different ways to shave down our monthly spending and helped us get on track with a budget.  It was slow going at first but now [10 months after finishing with Jeremy] we have been debt free for about eight months and our emergency fund is more than half way funded.  Life is less stressful living on a budget rather than week to week.  We appreciate our time with Jeremy.”


“Jeremy was a fantastic resource for our family. We had no clear idea on how to approach our financial mess and he patiently walked us through the key steps. We now see a light at the end of the tunnel and have the confidence to work to resolve our debt. Even though it will take us some time, Jeremy gave us the tools we lacked.”

Chris & Barbara J.

“When we first met with Jeremy, we were overspending by over a thousand dollars a month.  We were going further and further into debt.  However after our first few sessions, we had identified areas to improve, put together a working budget, and explored opportunities for additional revenue.  After 3 months, we have a working budget where we are getting out of debt at an increasingly rapid pace.  Our situation was very bad, but Jeremy helped us turn that entirely around.  Thank you.”


“Working with Jeremy was a great experience and I definitely learned a lot… It took me a long time to really understand how true budgeting works, but I feel as though I have a solid grasp of it now.  I am pleased with the way our sessions ended and would recommend Jeremy in the future.”

Melissa R.

Why do you want to improve your finances?

Perhaps you want to improve communication between you and your spouse or teach your kids healthy financial habits.  Maybe it’s as basic as never feeling the stress of debt again or no longer feeling guilty about spending money.  Others want to provide for their family, keep them safe, and leave behind a legacy.

No matter what your motivation I can help you identify your goals, design a plan to reach them, and get the traction that has always seemed to elude you.


hours of coaching experience


and counting…
Debt paid off by my clients

Sample Client’s Income vs Expenses

Before Signup - 141%
After Coaching - 99%

Average Monthly Turnaround
Per Household

Why Work With Me?

One question I’m asked often is “So, is what you do like a financial advisor?”
To put it simply, “No.”  I am completely different.

When you work with me it’s like having a personal trainer for your finances!
You are unique, and when I work with you I cater your transformation to your unique financial situation.


Don’t sell any financial products

Meet up to every two weeks

Educate and equip you about investments

Specialize in budgeting and killing debt


80% of income is from the sale of financial products

Meets quarterly at most

Opens and manages investments

Doesn’t do budgets or debt reduction

Can you name one professional athlete who doesn’t have a coach?
Why should it be different with your money?

Growth is intentional.  It’s time to take control.  It’s time for coaching.

Are you ready?

It’s time to start your journey towards your transformation.  There are 2 options listed below for starting your transformation.  Contact me if you have any questions!

Hourly Topical Coaching

With Hourly Topical Coaching, you set the pace and the direction of our sessions.  Simply pick one topic per session you want to drill down on, and you’ll leave with a current up to date document with your numbers and action steps that you can utilize to get forward momentum towards continuing your transformation.

Topics include but are not limited to:

Building a Budget
Implementing a Budget
 Debt Elimination Planning
Emergency Fund Building
  Short Term Savings Goals
  Saving For Retirement
 Teaching Your Kids
Saving For College
Wills & Estates

Hourly Topical Coaching is priced based on your unique situation.  To take the next step book a FREE consultation today!

Monthly Coaching Program

The Monthly Coaching Program is for those serious about transforming their finances.

Through this in-depth program you will receive:

1 hour comprehensive meetings every 2 weeks
Goal setting and purpose identification
In-depth budgeting
Strategic debt elimination plan
Emergency fund planning
Detailed action steps after every session
Consistent accountability
On call support by phone, text, and email between sessions

The Monthly Coaching Program is priced based on your unique situation.  To take the next step book a FREE consultation today!

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