How To Get FREE Gas For Your Gas Guzzler or Sipper


They say the only constant is change.  The only constant change may very well be gas prices.  It’s a necessary evil we all deal with and we all complain about.  A client of mine turned me on to a unique method for saving crazy amounts of cash on gas that can help everyone but especially those with larger families.  Today I explore the pros and cons of this method below.

A few weeks ago a client of mine introduced me to a unique Facebook group called Gas Point Groupies.  Using some really smart math they maximize gas rewards by buying goods they need and can use in accordance with sales their local store highlights that reward bonus points.  There’s even a formula!

Number of gallons you want to buy (this store’s max per pump is 35) x the Savings per gallon the store sale says you will get = Y.  Divide Y by the number of items you have to buy to receive the savings = $price point item you essentially are getting free.

(ex. 35 gallons x .40 [savings] = $14.00. $14.00 divided by 6 [items] equals $2.33.  Essentially anything in that section of the flyer under this price is free.)

Here’s an example flyer page of sales…



Cons to Consider

It’s important to consider a few things about using this method that may not make it worth it for you.

  • You need to pump a lot of gas.  For a mid-size sedan like ours that has a 16-gallon tank, items on the sale flyer would have to be $.80 or less to make them “essentially free”.  Most enthusiasts mitigate this by pumping into portable gas cans and then storing them safely.  There are different state laws on the handling of gasoline and if you’re a renter your landlord may not be so keen with you keeping a dormant bomb on his property.
  • You have to actually use or eat the groceries.  Savings are well and good but if you are going to waste things then you are only wasting your money and it’s a wild goose chase.
  • You need to do math regularly.  If this is a struggle for you then this savings method is probably not a good idea. *wink*

With some cunning and strategy you too could have results like these and even if you don’t you’re still going to save money on gas even if it’s not free!


Question: What’s your method for saving money on gas?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!