How to Invest Money Like a Billionaire

I know, I know. Your 401K is half the size you think it should be.

Investing your money can be a scary thing, especially when considering retirement and your future. But, have no fear.

I am here to teach you the basics of investing so when it comes time to invest, you can do so wisely with a better understanding and the guidance of an investment advisor.

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How to Build a Strong Budget That Actually Sticks

Budget. A word many of us cannot stand and something we often think just doesn’t fit into our reality.

Well, today, all that can change! Having a strong budget is not out of reach! Budgeting is the answer. Let me set the record straight.

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4 Powerful Principles to Help Put First Things First

What should you pay first to keep your finances under control?

We’re going to discuss four key principles to help put those first things first and take the doubt out of your finances!

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How to Make the Best Vacation Money Plan

Don’t underestimate your vacation costs! Come up with a vacation money plan!

Here are four key ingredients you need to know about and plan for so those vacation costs don’t follow you home!

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5 Actually Free Rewards You’ll Be Sure to Crave

Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch??  How about free food for your birthday? Sure. Who doesn’t like free rewards!

I am going to give you the skinny on five awesome food places who give no-strings-attached free food every time your special day rolls around!

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How To Budget For Medical Expenses

Medical expenses can be very expensive, unpredictable and a pain to know how to budget.

But, have no fear. I am going to explain to you how to budget for those medical expenses.

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Understanding Your Cell Phone Bill

A cell phone bill seems simple enough. However, there’s a lot hidden in the depths of that bill.

In fact, it is the most complicated bill you have.

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The Best Way to Simplify Your Banking

Is your method of management juggling multiple bank accounts? Are you trying to balance it all and keep it under control? Well, simplifying your banking can make all the difference!

And, streamlining your money is simpler than you think. Let’s learn how!

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The Best Kind of Debt for You

Good debt. Is there really such a thing as “good debt” or “the best kind of debt”?

Today, we will discuss “good” debt and show you what kind of debt is the best for you.

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5 Gimmick Insurances to Avoid

You’ve seen the commercials, right? A certain duck or a certain broken skier? Well, some of those companies advertise important insurances but some…not so much! In fact, they’re gimmicks!  They are really bad insurance products you should run from.

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