Why You Should Use An Accountant

How do you file your taxes? TurboTax? Use a large company? Hire an accountant? When it comes to taxes, an accountant is well worth the small difference in price. Find out why in this week’s edition of Savvy Saturday. Read more

Long Term Disability Insurance Explained

Long Term Disability Insurance can be a difficult thing to navigate. But, it is a key component to have in place just in case.  Do you know what would happen to you and your family if you became disabled?  If it isn’t crystal clear than read on… Read more

The Definitive Guide to Moviepass

Are you tired of paying a fortune every time you want to go to the movies? It’s expensive enough for yourself, let alone bringing along your family and friends!

And the food??? Well, that will just break the bank. Is Moviepass the solution?

Everybody is talking about it and I have been testing it since their prices dropped in August 2017. Today, I will walk you through the pros and cons of Moviepass and whether it is a good fit for you.

This is the definitive guide to Moviepass.

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Why Used Cars Are Smarter

Let’s discuss why used cars are preferable to new cars. In fact, how much do you think you are losing with the purchase of a new car? The average 2017 sale price for a new car was just under $35,000.

A lot of people are aware that a new car depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot; however, most people don’t realize that it continues to depreciate beyond that first year. In fact, most don’t realize at what rate depreciation happens. So, let me walk you through it.

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How To Drive Free Cars For Life

You, or someone you know, may say, “I’ll always have a car payment.”

That simply is not true and today I am going to tell you how you can forever be free from the cycle of car payments.

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9 Home Upkeep Costs You’re Forgetting

As I mentioned in a previous video, “Should You Rent or Buy?” owning a home can be a great investment if you are prepared for the extra costs that come along with it. Today, I am going to be teaching you what home upkeep costs you need to be saving for and what you need to be planning to spend when you own your own home.

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The Hugs and Kisses Method of Finances

Money. It can be a love-hate relationship. Am I right? Sometimes, especially with the ones we love, it can be the thing we fight about most. However, incorporating hugs and kisses into your life will change things dramatically.  This week I’m going to show you how.

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5 Big Things You’re Forgetting to Save For

You know you should save for emergencies and you know you should save for retirement, but there are also a handful of other things you may not know you should be saving for.

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How To Not O.D. On Spending

We’re told that overdraft protection is in your best interest and something you should always have on your account, but is it really good for you?  The answer may surprise you.  Keep reading to find out the shocking truth about overdraft protection.

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Are You Living Two Financial Lives?

So, are you? Are you living two financial lives? Are you living in self inflicted financial infidelity? Let me explain what I mean by that. All too often, I see people who are spending money they don’t have and what happens is later in life they don’t have the money they need. Why? They already spent it…

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