3 Reasons You Don’t Need Credit To Buy A House

buy a house

One of the most common responses I get to the question “So why do you need to build a credit score?” is “So I can later buy a house.”  What if I told you there was a better way to buy a house that didn’t require you to live under the shadow of your credit score?  It’s possible.  Here’s how it works…

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This Year Set Financial Goals Not Resolutions

set financial goals

It’s that time of year again.  The time when everyone says to themselves “I’m going to do better this year!” and then by February 15th they’ve usually already given up.  The gyms are empty and resolutions have been lost in the mix of the busyness of life.  I’m here to tell you a secret…

It doesn’t have to be that way!  Start your year off right.  Set financial goals instead of resolutions which are little more than hoping it all works out with grit and sheer determination.  Let’s talk about how you can set clear goals and actually check off those pesky financial to-dos that keep eluding you.

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5 Apps To Become More Focused & Productive In 2016


Does your day look like the image above?  Not so productive, huh?  As an entrepreneur, I can identify with this struggle.  Whether you work for yourself or someone else the old adage “time is money” is extremely true.  Sometimes devastatingly so.  Today I’m going to focus on 5 app tools I use to keep myself growing exponentially and I know they can help you too!

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How To Get FREE Gas For Your Gas Guzzler or Sipper


They say the only constant is change.  The only constant change may very well be gas prices.  It’s a necessary evil we all deal with and we all complain about.  A client of mine turned me on to a unique method for saving crazy amounts of cash on gas that can help everyone but especially those with larger families.  Today I explore the pros and cons of this method below.

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What You May Not Know About Renting A House

renting a house

As I mention on my About page, I am part of two nationwide groups.  One of these is Coach Connections and periodically I am a guest on their podcast.  Today, I wanted to share with you the most recent podcast where Coach Steve and I discuss renting vs buying but also the unique aspects of renting a house.  Click below to listen and for more great content click here!  I’m also featured on episode 3 and episode 17.

Renting a house podcast


This Black Friday Save Money Instead of Spending It

black friday

This Black Friday wake up and realize that the deals really aren’t that good anyway and certainly not worth going through the madness that is Black Friday for.  This year instead of engaging the chaos why not instead sit back and take 5 to 15 minutes to work ON your finances instead of just IN your finances?  That’s the heart behind this very special Black Friday 2015 deal.

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Open A Checking Account For Your Teenager


I know they look awkward, but your teen is capable of so much more than you are probably giving them credit for.  They need to learn how to be fiscally responsible, and if you don’t teach them the banks and credit card companies will.  They’re going to learn it on the streets anyway… so shouldn’t you be the one to show them the way?  One thing you can teach them is how to use a checkbook, because they aren’t teaching it in school anymore that’s for sure!

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Change Is The Only Constant


Change: We all hate it but without it our lives would be pretty boring.  It’s the stuff of dreams and the stuff of nightmares.  Presidential platforms have been built around it and support groups have been built upon it.  I’ve been on this earth now for 35 years and it’s amazing what staple markets have changed dramatically just in that short time.  Look at this list.

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Subscriptions Can Really Suck… Your Money



If you haven’t noticed, the market has responded even more to the payment mentality.  I’m not just talking about the classic “fruit of the month” club, but also everything from razors to HBO are now available for one easy low monthly payment.  This can be an easy and affordable way to get just as much as you need, but it can also be a huge area for impulse spending.  How can we keep ourselves from drowning in a pile of payments?

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This Christmas Get Tangled Up With Experiences Not Stuff

Christmas Tangled

As much as you and I may hate to admit it, Christmas is less than 2 months away!  This year my wife and I discussed that we have enough STUFF.  Our girls don’t need clothes, toys, or games.  We’ve resolved to instead focus on creating experiences that breed lasting memories.  November is the prime month that people do their Christmas shopping so I thought I’d interject here with some reflections.  It’s easy to get tangled up with temporal stuff to buy instead of focusing on lasting experiences so below I share some tips for staying focused and making the gifts you give this Christmas ones focused on memories rather than subconsciously focused on materialism.

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