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I do not sell any financial products. Period!

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Corporate Wellness

Are you an HR or Benefits Director, Business Owner, or CFO?
Are you seeing the following from your employees and team members?

Turnover due to a higher paying job
Lack of focus and productivity
Increased 401k loans
Requests for emergency assistance

The truth is that financial stress impacts your company’s bottom line.  When an employee is worried about how their bills are going to get paid they simply aren’t as focused on their job as they should be.

92% of people are losing sleep over finances, and the #1 time of day people check their personal bank account is 8amat work!

Honestly, can we really blame them?  The statistics are staggering…


of Americans live paycheck to paycheck


of workers surveyed say they are financially distressed


of American workers identified money and its problems the primary source of stress in their lives


of workers admit they spend work hours worrying about and dealing with money related issues


of all employees’ work performance is impacted by personal financial challenges

Don’t just take my word for it.  Look at these real life survey results from two companies.

30 Employees

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170 Employees

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They realized through a brief survey how much financial pain their own employees were in and knew it was time for a change.

Want to quickly poll your own employees?  Simply click the button below for a draft email and link to an anonymous and confidential survey you can send to your staff.  I’ll collect the results and send you a brief report you can share with your management team.  I’ve included my email address in the BCC section so I know who to send the report to without seeing any of your team’s email addresses.

The benefits for an employer are tremendous!  Here’s just a few of them.

Increase in Productivity
Increase in Bottom Line
Reduced Health Care Costs
Increase in Employee Morale
Improved Job Satisfaction
Reduced Employee Turnover
Increased Employee Loyalty
Improved Attendance due to fewer crisis events
Reduced Emergency Assistance Requests
Increased positive Retirement Program Participation
Reduced 401(k) Loans


in positive job outcomes expected from each employee who even slightly increases his or her financial behaviors and well-being.
Dr. E. Thomas Garman – Virginia Tech

Your Employees’ Health

Financial stress affects employees’ health in numerous ways.  As a result, there are also indirect effects to your health insurance costs!  Here’s just a few of the areas in which you may see some trouble areas reflected as physical symptoms.  By providing a financial wellness program you can see a significant reduction in these symptoms leading to a healthier and happier staff, a thriving and growing company, and reduced overhead in the area of health insurance.  Click the graphic to learn more.

Maybe you’re reading this and saying to yourself, “I already have a financial wellness program.  I offer an investment package for my employees.”  That’s great!  Keep it up!  However, research shows us that it’s not enough.

The average person is engaging in their 401k by default through automatic withdrawal and then going home with their net pay and struggling to make ends meet.  Later, they are coming back for a loan against their 401k.  This is hardly financial wellness.

You need to supplement your awesome investment program with education and behavior training.  You can’t expect someone to manage investments well who can’t manage their budget well.  At the same time, it’s about employee morale.

Listen to what Landon from City Bank Texas has to say.

The bottom line is employees want it, and employers are reaping the benefits.  To learn more about the benefits of financial wellness click below for a full white paper report.

What more and more employers are realizing is that not investing in their employees in the area of financial wellness can cost them thousands of dollars, and that’s why the average return on investment employers are seeing is 5 to 1!  See for yourself, calculate your ROI below!

  • How Is Lack Of Productivity Due To Financial Stress Affecting Your Team?

    Enter just 2 numbers and find out
  • Employee Financial Distractions Cost You

  • Your ROI

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There is a solution.

I provide a turn-key holistic financial wellness program that is uniquely crafted to meet your team’s specific needs.
It includes 2 key elements that are fully customizable to your goals and your budget.

Financial Group Workshops

Through 4 single session workshops, I can train and equip your entire staff while taking as little time away from work as possible.  These are not your typical financial seminars.  Peppered with videos, group participation, and forms these workshops leave your staff informed and educated, having already put into practice what they have learned, and equipped with action steps to give them forward momentum.  Also, I do not sell any financial products, so you don’t have to worry that I’m coming in to sell to your employees on the backend.  That is not going to happen, period.

Budgeting & Planning For Emergencies – The secret to winning with money is living on less than you earn. Participants will leave this workshop with motivation and tools to immediately experience success. Budgeting & Planning For Emergencies provides realistic steps to reduce stress and teach you how to develop healthy habits including budgeting, using envelopes, and planning for emergencies. This course is a hands-on workshop with a PowerPoint presentation, video clips, and a workbook.

Tackling Debt – One of the most common financial goals is to become debt free but most are overwhelmed with the thought of where to start. Tackling Debt will not only teach participants how to quickly pay off debt, it also provides inspiration and hope on how becoming debt free can be a reality. This course is a hands-on workshop with a PowerPoint presentation, video clips, and a workbook.

Relationships & Money – Healthy communication is critical to financial and relational success. Learn how to have meaningful and positive money discussions that will enhance all relationships.  Relationships & Money provides practical tips for improving communication, enhances cooperation and leads to a commitment that will last a lifetime.  This course is a hands-on workshop with a PowerPoint presentation, video clips, and a workbook.

Goal SettingIf you aim at nothing you’ll hit it every time.  Goal Setting helps you put together a plan of action for your finances.  Rater than just learning strong principles and tips and then walking away aimless, this workshop helps you zero in on what goals are most relevant and teaches you how to craft goals that make sure you win with money. This course is a hands-on workshop with a PowerPoint presentation, video clips, and a workbook.

Personal Coaching

Many employees need more than just a self-paced program or a group workshop.  They need to know someone is there keeping them accountable and walking with them step by step through their transformation.  To fill this need, I provide individualized financial coaching an employee’s household finances on an hourly basis.  Services are available on a per session, half-day, or day rate basis.

Topics include but are not limited to:

Building a Budget
Implementing a Budget
 Debt Elimination Planning
Emergency Fund Building
  Short Term Savings Goals
 Teaching Your Kids
Evaluating Insurances*
  Saving For Retirement*
Saving For College*
Wills & Estates*

*I do not sell or manage investments or any other financial products.  My services in these areas are strictly educational.

Like what you see?  Schedule a 30 minute introductory meeting with me.  I’ll learn more about you, your culture, and your team while providing information about how financial wellness can help.

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